1Quest is AWESOME

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1Quest is AWESOME

Postby kaizoku » Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:51 pm

First off, congratulations on making a great roguelike! It is both pleasantly similar to the conventional roguelike formula and excitingly unique in many aspects of gameplay. It is unfortunate that the audience for this kind of game is small, but those of us who love them appreciate your work.

Do you have any plans of further developing this game or a sequel using the same engine? 1Quest has solid gameplay mechanics that could be expanded and re-balanced to create greater depth of gameplay for those who want more than a dungeon crawl, including shops and additional NPC interaction, and perhaps more than simply "1 quest" :)

Also, would you be interested in adding a way to unlock the visibility of advanced classes from the start of the game? Currently I'm forced to either write down or memorize the prerequisites for some of the more advanced classes in 1Quest but if I've already seen it once before it'd be easier to be able to check the requirements in the menu rather than try to remember or look up how many levels of this class, that class, and certain stats I need to become an Archer for example. And I haven't played in a while but I do not remember if I could attack a specific enemy with a bow/crossbow/throwing knife or the enemy was automatically chosen... if it is only automatically chosen, I wonder if you would want to allow the player to optionally select the enemy to be shot by a ranged attack. If that feature is already available then I may have simply missed how to do it or forgotten about it.

Thanks again for your great game!

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Re: 1Quest is AWESOME

Postby Danakh » Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:07 am

Hi Kaizoku, congratulations finding this forum and thanks for your kind message !

Unfortunately, I don't have plan on expanding 1Quest any more (the last patch I've made mid February have absolutely no impact on sales), but I already have the ideas for other games. I am currently working on a porting to Unity, to solve some performances issues (mainly for Android / iOS) and quitting a dying technology (Flash). Of course, the game is moddable so it may not be a definitive issue :)

Visibility of classes was definitely on my todo list, I had a technical issue about this, solved not so long ago, but to do it there is still some work (mainly rewriting all the tooltips of class power so they work even if the player does not own the power, as the spells do).
Attacking from distance automatically used the ranged attack if you have one equipped, but there is no way to select the target with keyboard. Using the mouse use the auto attack on the selected target.
You can also configure auto-attack with a right click on the auto-attack button!

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